Stanton stitched welt construction

There are two conventional methods of assembling footwear:

  • Cementing the sole to the upper.
  • Stitching the sole to the upper.

Neither method is totally reliable. as a result, the R&D staff in stanton S.A.S. developed and patented a revolutionary method of construction whereby the sole and the upper part of a shoe are attached by both adhesives and stitching to surmount the shortcomings of the two conventional methods thereby taking the most advantage of the benefits of each and achieve the Stanton stitched welt construction shoe. Brahma is one of few select companies that have a license to use this extraordinary technology for its products.

Stitched cup-sole construction

Brahma employs this unique unconventional construction method for many of its products. The sole of the shoe is designed as a cup so that the upper part of the shoe fits into the cup-sole and is cemented to the foxing and the bottom surface of the sole. Then they are stitched together throughout the contour of the foxing.

Special fibers and technologies

Absortex and Total-Dry are lining materials with international patents developed to meet the most stringent quality and performance requirements in the footwear industry.


Designed to optimize comfort and protection

  • Absorbs perspiration.
  • Maintains softness for added comfort.
  • Resists fungi and bad odors.
  • Offers doublé action temperature control (cools the foot when it when cold).
  • Has breathing advantages that enhances the benefits of leather and compensates when used in conjunction with non-breathable synthetic materials.
Total Dry

Fresh air compartmenting, maintains the foot comfortable and dry with its unique system of transferring humidity.

  • It's a three layer woven material that creates air pockets to allow optimum foot ventilation.
  • The triple weave construction also provides greater wear properties thru its interlaced nylon fiber construction.
  • The absorption properties isolate the humidity from the skin keeping the foot dry and refreshed.
  • Its advanced technology ensures exceptional comfort and delicate temperature balance.

Walking on clouds, a new concept that revolutionizes comfort, as opposed to traditional foot beds, durafoam technology reduces foot stress beyond the highest expectations.

  • Reduces risk of loot injury due to excessive activity, transpiration, contact with hard walking surfaces, and body weight.
  • Helps reléase body exhaustion by decreasing muscular effort.
  • Designed to offer resilience and adapt to the shape of the foot.
  • Creates diminutive gusts of air with each step that ventilates the foot and helps absorb the impacts for added comfort.
  • Lined with absortex for additional comfort benefits.

Highest quality properties packaged in a single lightweight material, as the footwear industry strives to utilize lightweight bottom materials, brahma products already hold the technology.

  • Superb flex and impact absorption properties in a density of 0.20 g/cm3.
  • Elasticity and resiliency advantages that enhances the shoe even with elaborate designs.
  • Most of the advantages are hidden in the finished product but they play an important and noticeable role when putt or use.

Light weight soles

  • 30% lighter in weight can translate into 300% more in dynamism
  • A lighter shoe without losing technical and quality properties.
  • Greater cushioning.
  • Minute unperceivable air chambers on the inside, heavy film surface on the outside.
Molded foot beds
  • A foot bed with the anatomical shape of the foot.
  • Lined with an array of options of textile materials to help absorb perspiration.
  • Removable for drying and/or washing purposes as well as allowing the shoe to freshen.
  • Helps avoid mould and bad odors.